Battle of Killdeer Mountain


1104sioux: How can I find any documentation of my grandfather, his name is Sets The Ground On Fire he married my grandmother Wakankicamna in the mid 1800s? my grandmother died on 01-11-1928. my grandfather was from Shakopee Minnesota, the Mdewakanton Dakota Band, Aug 21, 2014 15:42:47 GMT -5
1104sioux: after my grandmothers death in 1928, he took his children and moved back to Minnesota, where he later died, and I can't seem to find any burial record or death certificate of my grandfather Sets The Ground On Fire, Aug 21, 2014 15:50:16 GMT -5
1104sioux: the only documentation I have is his name on my grandmothers estate,Wakankicamna. that is the only information I have of his existance.. how can I find any thing of my grandfather? Aug 21, 2014 15:52:52 GMT -5
hermin1: 110 Sioux; Welcome to the would help us to help you if you would provide additional information. did your grandparents live in Minnesota after they wed? Aug 21, 2014 15:55:37 GMT -5
hermin1: Okay, I saw your second post. where did they live after they wed? what were the names of their children?did your grandpa have an English name like John Brown? if your ggrandparents Aug 21, 2014 16:08:39 GMT -5
hermin1: wed before 1885,we won't find them in Minnesota. if he returned with his children to MN after 1928, then we may be able to track him via their children. this is why you need to tell us Aug 21, 2014 16:11:19 GMT -5
hermin1: where they moved to after they wed, and the names of the children. Aug 21, 2014 16:13:53 GMT -5
hermin1: which of your parents descends from the grandparents? Aug 21, 2014 16:16:25 GMT -5
lavendermoon: I just recently found out that Marie Lecroix was our grandfather's mother or grandmother. She is the daughter of Maripayisa and Frederick Lecroix. Aug 26, 2014 12:24:56 GMT -5
lavendermoon: Would love to find out any information if at all possible. My last name is Shepley. Aug 26, 2014 12:25:44 GMT -5
lavendermoon: My Dad was Leo Shepley and he died in September 1995. His father was Walter Shepley and he died when my Dad was about 17 years of age. My Dad was born May 31, 1933. Aug 26, 2014 12:27:21 GMT -5
hermin1: lavendermoon: did yourparents livein south dakota, minnesota or nebraska? Aug 28, 2014 14:27:08 GMT -5
hermin1: do you know who your grandmother was, when was she born and when did she die. also post place of birth and place of death. Aug 28, 2014 14:45:55 GMT -5
hermin1: Where did your grandfather die? Aug 28, 2014 14:46:05 GMT -5
hermin1: this will help us to help you with your search. did you check the NARA in Washington,DC to see if your paternal grandfather had a probate?contact give her his name, what tribe he was enrolled with, and when he died. Aug 28, 2014 14:52:41 GMT -5
hermin1: also see if you can find his obiturary,and also your dearfather's obituary,as they may contain clues to their ancestors also. if you want ,you can contact me at in the subject please put information for lavendermoon shepley,other Aug 28, 2014 14:54:50 GMT -5
hermin1: Please send me any other info you have on your dad and grandparents,includingyour dad's siblings. Aug 28, 2014 14:55:39 GMT -5
hermin1: lavendermoon,please excuse my spelling goof. the NARa contact's first name is mary not marie. Aug 29, 2014 2:07:14 GMT -5
hermin1: welcome to our website merriweatherleis descendent, and thank you for the additional information on Capt. Lewis's descendents. Sept 1, 2014 13:40:36 GMT -5
bobsheadache: I believe that bessie norris (maybe stout) is my great grandmother. Here is what I know for sure my father was jon michael smith his father joe smith from az my fathers mother was arlene maxine (norris) or smith what kind of indian was bessie Sept 1, 2014 16:20:36 GMT -5