Robertson and Hoffman family info


eaglestarwoman: Moses Traver s ie and Vern Tr a versie and Theophile Trver s ie and jockey traversie. Dec 30, 2014 14:16:25 GMT -5
hermin1: eaglestarwoman: what is C.R.S.T? I will see what I have and also do a search. Jan 5, 2015 3:41:20 GMT -5
hermin1: I am not sure where the info on the Traversies is on our website. I do recall being asked to do a search on several of them, about 6/7 years ago.You will need to check out the different sections of the website to find the threads. Jan 5, 2015 3:44:43 GMT -5
hermin1: eaglestarwoman: Jan 5, 2015 16:55:30 GMT -5
hermin1: augustus Langlois dit Traversie and Felicit DuSant had Paul Traversie (spouse of Mary Brugiere) and moses Traversie9b. @ 1866 Woodbury Cty,IA) among their children. Jan 5, 2015 16:58:37 GMT -5
hermin1: Paul Traversie had a son Theophile Traversie b. @1875-1879, son Andrew Paul Traversie(spouse of Jaunita Lawrence), and Whitley Joseph Traversie. whitleyand his spouse had a son Theophile Ellsworth Traversie. Jan 5, 2015 17:03:16 GMT -5
hermin1: Andrew Paul Traversie and his spouse had a son Francis E. aka Frank,b. around 1909, died 1956.i was unable to find anything on Vern and Jocky. Jan 5, 2015 17:06:19 GMT -5
hermin1: Hope this helps. Jan 5, 2015 17:06:23 GMT -5
hermin1: eaglestarwoman: Were Vern and Jockey born after 1940? if so, then that would explain why I couldn't find anything on them. Jan 6, 2015 15:41:17 GMT -5
hermin1: if you would like a family tree on the Traversies, just log into, World Connect project, and type the name into the search engine, and see what you get. Jan 6, 2015 15:43:07 GMT -5
johncase: Even after I registered I cannot post of the board. In a discussion someone asked about Mae Tuey (Iona Mae Tuey) I know where she is buried. Can you attaché this to that post. or contact the person interested. my email is Jan 6, 2015 17:42:35 GMT -5
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oyateasawin: That I know of Julia Williams was only married to Thomas Williams. However, I am finding out he was married and had a son before Julia. Feb 17, 2015 19:35:08 GMT -5
mjarivers: Looking for former students of Immaculate Conception Indian Mission School, Stephan South Dakota. Please email Feb 21, 2015 19:16:26 GMT -5
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